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DeZender / De-ionCube

  • IonCube is a very well-known loader used to protect his own PHP source code. Several famous CMS publishers use it to protect their work.
  • Our professional decompiler is able to regenerate the source code from given OpCodes. We use the upmost last versions of PHP and of IonCube Loader to have a stable result of decompilation.

DeZender / De-SourceGuardian & De-phpSHIELD

  • We are very happy to announce the ability of uncrypt fiels coded by SourceGuardian and phpSHIELD.
  • By the way we are proud to be the only site on the web to do it!

DeZender / De-Zend-Optimizer

  • Zend-Optimiser is a very efficient loader to work in PHP cache but less efficient to protect the source code. In fact since 2008 on the web you can fin a totally free De-Zender but very unstable to uncompile source codes.
  • For this reason we propose you this service to obtain a very stable and functional code with our professionnal uncompiler.

DeZender / De-PhpExpress

  • PhpExpress is not very known mais sometimes used by developpers which cannot afford to use a big amount of money to crypt their PHP pages.
  • It is quite functionning as Zend-Optimizer ans less efficient than a IonCube or even a SourceGuardian.

DeZender / De-eAccelerator

  • eAccelerator is a cache software very known when using PHP. Until version it was possible to encode his own scripts to optimize the loading.
  • A lot of developpers have used this solution to protect their work.

DeZender / De-MultiEval

  • De-MultiEval is a solution that we propose for uncrypt scripts generated by phpCipher, PHP Lockit !, SourceCop, true bug, CODELOCK, ByteRun...and much more.
  • We have developped a very ingenious uncrypting program who will extract the original source code from all crypting process known or even unknown at this time.
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